Shelf Brackets

Curved L

Slotted L

Curved M

Slotted M

Curved S

Paper Holder Long

Paper Holder Short

Designed for a variation of uses, a selection of 3 types of shelf brackets is available: Curved, Slotted and Paper Holders. An optional brass rod can be purchased for installation on the Slotted brackets, ideal for hanging hooks. The large Paper Holder is designed for paper towels, while the small Paper Holder is designed for toilet papers. 


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Possible combinations

1.Shelf Bracket

Select a Shelf Bracket. For L or M sizes, they come in [Curved] or [Slotted] design. For S sizes, they come in [Curved] or [Paper Holder] design.


A desired length of Rod can be ordered.
(Rod is for [Slotted] design only.)

3.Paper Holder

Select the length of the rod, [Paper Holder Long] or [Paper Holder Short]. [Paper Holder Long] can be used for kitchen paper towels or 2 toilet papers together. [Paper Holder Short] can be used for a single toilet paper.

Product Specification

Shelf BracketDimensions (w × h × d)
24 × 135 × 240
24 × 100 × 180
S24 × 75 × 110
Paper Holder Long (2 sets)278 × 92.5 × 110
Paper Holder Short (2 sets)161 × 92.5 × 110
Rod φ18

Standard Set includes:

・Brackets (set of 2)
・Supporting parts (set of 2)
・Brass minus screws
* The shelf board is not included.


・Ready-made rod (up to 70cm)
・Extension of rod (for every 10cm)


The screws must be fitted on a rigid material. Professional installation is recommended. The minimum thickness of the shelf board is 15mm.