We offer a selection of three different sizes ideal for a range of environments. A great variety of design combinations are possible as all nameplates are available in both serif (Mincho) and sans serif (Gothic) fonts, and either embossed or debossed. A choice of two different finishes is available: IHADA (crude casting surface) or black dye finish (which utilizes an oxidization technique) and they are coated with bee wax. You can enjoy the development of the patina over the course of time.  


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Possible combinations for semi orders

1. Nameplates and number of lines

Please select from the 5 variations of nameplates. Text can be featured on 1 or 2 lines. (2403 and 2705 is for only 1 line). Also, for custom orders, if you send us your shop’s logo data, we can use it for fabrication.

2.Emboss or Deboss

Select from 2 character options, either embossed or debossed.


Select from two different finishes, IHADA (crude casting surface) or Black Dye finish. All nameplates are finished with bee wax; you can enjoy the development of the patina over time.

Product specification

PlateDimensions (w x h x d)
* Excluding the height of the font
2415240× 150× 13.51.8kg
1818180× 180× 13.51.7kg
1515150× 150× 13.51.1kg
2705270× 55× 13.50.9kg
2403240× 30× 13.50.4kg

Standard Set includes:

・Choice of a nameplate and number of lines (up to 8 characters per line)
・Choice of font
・Choice of deboss or emboss character
・Choice of finish


・Additional characters
(When more than 9 characters per line are needed.)
・Black Dye finish
* We welcome custom order with logo data. Please contact us for more details.


Each nameplate is installed with bolts on the backside. It will be necessary to drill the mounting surface accordingly. The actual locations of the bolts may vary from the installation drawings; therefore, please be sure to confirm with the actual product. Professional installation is recommended.