Lever Handles

Lever Handle: Line Plate: Circle

Lever Handle: Line Plate: Square

Lever Handle: Line  Plate: Hexagon

Lever Handle: Curved  Plate: Circle

Lever Handle: Curved  Plate: Square

Lever Handle: Curved  Plate: Hexagon

Lever Handle: Hollow  Plate: Circle

Lever Handle: Hollow  Plate: Square

Lever Handle: Hollow  Plate: Hexagon

Lever Handle: Hexagon  Plate: Circle

Lever Handle: Hexagon  Plate: Square

Lever Handle: Hexagon  Plate: Hexagon

Lever handles are available in 4 different shapes. Each handle is designed to best showcase the natural expression of the brass casting and can be combined with 3 designs of interchangeable plates for a range of possible combinations to fit any aesthetic. Separately, we offer a range of latches that can be fitted on any door.  


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Possible combinations for semi orders

1.Lever Handles

Select from the 4 different shapes of Lever Handles: Line, Curved, Hollow or Hexagon.


Select from the 3 different shapes of Plates: Circle, Square or Hexagon. Combine the best match for your room and environment.


Select from the 4 types of Latches depending on the shape and orientation of the door.

Product Specification

Lever Handles Dimensions (w x h x d)
Hexagon 139 × 19 × 55.5
Curved 135 × 20 × 49
Hollow 133 × 18 × 48
Line 134 × 19 × 56
Plates Dimensions (w x h x d)
Circle 57 × 57 × 7
Square 57 × 57 × 7
Hexagon 57 × 66 × 7


Latches Dimensions (w × h × d)
Corner Short 73 × 42 × 39
Corner Long 73 × 42 × 47.5
Flat Short 69 × 42 × 39
Flat Long69 × 42 × 47.5

Standard Set includes:

・Lever handle
・Mortise lock kit
・Brass minus screws
※The mortise lock kit does not come with a lock mechanism cylinder. If you need a lock such as for a bathroom, you need to purchase the Latches separately.


These levers are designed for wood and wood composite doors only.
For installation, the minimum door thickness is 33mm. The measurement of the backset is 63.5mm. Professional installation is recommended.